When selling your home, our experienced staff will do all the hard work for you, from marketing your home to negotiating a successful sale.
During the marketing campaign, your home will be seen by a large number of prospective purchasers. Remember, first impressions count, so it’s important to present your home in the best possible light from the moment your property is put on the market for sale. This will help us to maximise your return and achieve the best possible sale price. We have carefully prepared the following information to assist you with your planning.
There is nothing more attractive to a buyer than a spacious, clean and uncluttered living space in which they can imagine themselves living. Always try to present your home in the best possible way. Here are our tips for presenting your property:
  • Make sure that the front of your property, including gardens are appealing and inviting
  1. Mow all lawns
  2. Trim all hedges and remove all weeds
  3. Prune back plants and tree branches, remove dead foliage
  4. Use as much colour as possible in the garden
  5. Lay fresh mulch on garden beds
  6. Sweep, or use a blower around garden paths and the outside of the property
The property’s interior must be clean, tidy and clutter-free. Less clutter creates an impression of spaciousness and plentiful storage space.
Before every viewing, ensure your windows are clean inside and out – it’s surprising how much difference it makes to the light.
Pull back dark heavy curtains and open blinds. Use sheer curtains as they are see through and will let light in
It’s a good idea to steam clean carpets and clean and polish other floor surfaces as you embark on a selling campaign.
From leaking taps to sticking doors, make sure the minor repairs are taken care of. Buyers will look for these faults and use them against you to bargain the price down.
A lick of paint will freshen scuffs and scrapes. Be sure to stick to neutral colours
Create warmth by preparing your home to suit the temperature of the day. If it’s cold, turn on the heating. If it’s hot, turn on fans and cooling systems.
The scent of a home can leave a lasting impression on buyers. Avoid cooking prior to a viewing and ensure you eliminate the smell of smoke or pets.
Place plug-in deodorisers sparingly throughout your home. Make sure you use subtle scents such as vanilla.
Put out clean towels, new soap and some fresh flowers for colour and fragrance.
Remember, your aim is to create a warm, homely and inviting environment. By sticking to these tips, you will ensure you position your property ahead of other properties in a buyer’s mind.
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